Bakersfield Traffic Tickets


If you’re looking for an experienced Bakersfield traffic attorney, then look no further. I serve Kern County and Tulare County for traffic infractions, including the following offenses below. Drivers who represent themselves at a traffic trial tend to not be very well-versed in proper procedure and fail to make appropriate objections against the evidence presented against them. You always risk your case when you represent yourself. When you hire me to represent you for your traffic matters, most clients have the added benefit of not having to appear in court at all. Call me as soon as possible for your free traffic consultation for the following:

  • Speeding Offenses
  • Red Light/Red Light Photo Tickets
  • Other Moving Violations (Unsafe Turns, Stop Sign Violations, Unsafe Lane Change, etc.)
  • Equipment Violations
  • Driver’s License Infractions
  • Wireless Device Offenses
  • Commercial Driver Citations

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