Expulsion Hearings

shutterstock_143710936Students have rights too. When it comes to disciplinary actions in public schools, there is a particular procedure that must be followed before administrators and district personnel can expel your child from school. I have represented students in such proceedings and negotiated alternatives to expulsion in order to preserve your child’s academic record. If your child has been recommended for expulsion in the Kern High School District or any Bakersfield City School District including Beardsley, Panama-Buena Vista, Rosedale, Norris, Westside Union, Delano Union, McFarland Unified, Greenfield Union, Southern Kern Unified, Arvin Union, Belridge, Blake, Buttonwillow Union, DiGiorgio, Edison, El Tejon Unified, Elk Hills, Fairfax, Fruitvale, General Shafter, Kernville Union, Kernville Union, Lakeside, Lamont, Lost Hills Union, Maple, Maricopa, Mojave Unified, Rio Bravo-Greeley, Sierra Sands Unified, Semitropic, South Fork Union, Southern Kern Unified, Richland, Pond Union, McKittrick, Midway, Wasco Union, Vineland, Tehachapi Unified, Taft Union, Taft City, Standard, or Muroc-Joint, then call me for a free consultation to discuss your students case.

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