Expungement, Felony Reduction, & Early Termination of Probation

specialDiane Medina Law – March 2015 Retainer Special

This month, take advantage of my post-conviction relief offer for all California misdemeanor criminal expungements, early probation terminations, and felony reductions in Kern County. If you have a misdemeanor offense on your record and want to clean it up, then contact me immediately and I will fight to restore your clean background and get you the expungement you deserve. Are you on probation? Have you completed all of the terms of your probation? Then let me help you get off probation early! If you have a felony conviction on your record and would like to try to get it reduced to a misdemeanor, then call me and I will let you know if you’re eligible to get the charges reduced and expunged for you. Only for the month of March, I am charging a significantly reduced fee of $500 for each case you need reduced, expunged, or probation terminated! Call me today and take your first step towards a clean record! (661) 241-0111

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